Profile of ILI & KTIRIO

  It is distributed in Greece & Cyprus to:


  • 1500 largest architectural firms
  • 1200 largest construction companies and technical offices
  • 800 biggest interior decoration offices 
  • 2.500 subscribers
  • In addition, 10.000 copies are available at the sales points through ‘ARGOS’ agency.
  • Specialized bookstores, such as Papasotiriou, Public, Libro, Ianos at the airports
  • Cultural bodies and libraries
  • Departments of Architecture in all Greek Universities, the National Technical University, in

     the form of donations and subscriptions 

Four ILI & KTIRIO luxury volumes are published annually ensuring Effectiveness, Value for money, in the measure of constructions in Greece.

The quarterly circulation of ILI & KTIRIO ensures:

  • The relation between quality of material and designers, for a thorough preparation of
  •        Presentations and articles
  • Preservation of a fixed number of pages (300 pages) per publication to date
  • Technical specifications (excellent paper quality, lay out and modern design in all our
  •        editions)
  • Issue sale at 5€ and annual editions at 6€ resulting in a boost of sales compared to other
  •        publications in our sector presenting a significant decline in the last 2 years.
  • Yli & Ktirio is the only bilingual publication in Greece, in the field of architecture and technical expression.


           Our annual publications, besides the 4 issues of ILI & KTIRIO, include 2 Annual Editions:

  • The “CONSTRUCTION GUIDE” outlining the most important materials in the market, classified in

      categories and subcategories of materials’ use. It is offered free of charge on our website.

  • The “CITY  HOUSES”’ including luxury residences of the most famous Architectural Firms.

Our website with its dynamic pages offers modern tools to new visitors and people who consider that time is precious and wish to have simple and immediate access to very important information for personal and professional use at home, on the airplane, at a professional appointment simply by clicking on   or  on   !

 Our ongoing evolution and unobstructed effort intend to render ILI & KTIRIO editions:

- Rich in subject-matters and substance
- Abundant in quality & luxury for our readers, architects & engineers and our customers!

Lena Koskossidou




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