Mykonos White Boxes Resort, Potiropoulos+Partners
Mykonos White Boxes Resort, Potiropoulos+Partners

Mykonos White Boxes Resort 

The architectural approach is not tempted by the idea of imitation. From the very beginning it aimed at challenging the notion of “dialectical contemporary”, bypassing the “traditional” and “ephemeral”. In order for the ambient atmosphere of the place – and its underlying nature, the one that a person receives behind and beyond the visible or the obvious – to be reflected on the synthesis in a contemporary manner, a terminology was adopted, that was borrowed from a neo-modern manierism, filled with multiple experiential implications that deal with the concept of the “building-event”. This approach contrasts the truly pictorial revival of the traditional “building-exemplar”.The complex is developed amphitheatrically, with multiple levels in succession, resembling terraced fields on a hillside. Built in equal courses with intermediate voids, the modules of the rooms and suites create linear arrays reminiscent of drystone walls on a bigger scale. The parts extracted from the main volume of the structure that the rooms are developed – in such a way that ensures that the primitive volume remains comprehensible – are filled with natural light, a key element of the composition. The suggested synthesis constitutes a spatial narrative of the attributes of this particular place. The dialogue between the proposal and the natural landscape of the area, as well as with the living memory of the tradition, outline the main design principles.


Project details
Architectural design: Potiropoulos + Partners Dimitris Potiropoulos, Liana Nella-Potiropoulou
Project Director: Myrto Koutsovoulou
Design Team: Panagiotis Kolokouris, Effie Liakou, Ioanna Koulouri, Cindy Tran, Georgina Varthali, Florence Oikonomou, Magdalini Braila
Three-dimensional representations: Batis 3D Design Studio




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