Hradf/ Taiped, AS.P.A. S.A.

The annual International Fares of Expo Real in Munich and MIPIM in Cannes are places were Real Estate globally presents tendencies, prospects, projects and interventions that are being materialized, or are being planed. 

The participants are Development companies, banks, international appraisal houses, funds and the senior executives of enterprises operating in these sectors. Whilst in the exhibition rooms all projects are being presented, and deals are closed, in the various forums opinions are being exchanged and tendencies are being formed.

Since 2012, during the Crises years, Greece’s only participant has been HRADF/TAIPED, which in the beginning quite timidity but dynamically over the years, is trying to promote our county’s opportunity and capability in Development, Promotion and Recovery starting with the utilization of Public property.With this post, we find the opportunity to present the architecture and aesthetics behind the pavilions used in these fares over the years, since they have played an important role in the overall attempt to not only participate, but also to promote and counteract to our country’s negative image formed by international factors.

The architectural structure, the image and the design were firstly serving to promote the projects, but were mainly aiming to attract as many interested investors as possible, thus forming a positive climate in a particularly competitive environment.

All pavilions were designed by AS.P.A. S.A. in collaboration with students of architectural schools in Greece and freelance architects.

Hradf/ Taiped, AS.P.A. S.A.



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