Welcome to the magazine ILI & KTIRIO.

My name is Lena Koskosidou and I am the magazine editor.
Allow me to briefly share with you our magazine’s history.

The magazine has its own history, has treaded its own paths, being at present the most modern printed material in the sector of specialized technical publications. It serves as a multi-faceted instrument that feels, senses, thinks and keeps abreast with its continuously evolving environment.

In its 20 years of life, numbering 98 issues, the magazine’s objective is to contribute to shaping social attitudes, transcending the narrow boundaries of the built environment, utilizing the triptych design-building- materials through research and the journalistic code of ethics.

Therefore, we put forward the functional side of the building, taking a step further and attributing thereto a surplus value. In this way, a framework of services was activated with our mediation, highlighting state-of-the-art project presentation methods.

Passing from the primary stage to the following one, we managed to transform the building under presentation, in the pages of one of our Issue, into a carrier of experiences as regards its use and the specialized designer information, vis-à-vis the building’s identity, its aesthetic and functional role in the organization of the structured space.

By broadening our horizons to embrace an architecture-oriented consciousness in the 21st century and by actively contributing to a built surface, to a square, a bridge, a social building, our magazine enables readers to understand and interpret space through valuable tools being available to journalists, rendering articles very updated even for the upcoming years.

At present, reactivating our beliefs and under the most challenging conditions of the so-called crisis, we keep on operating as a robust body and we can assure you that our primary concern is to promote aesthetic perfection through an ethical and pure perspective.

 In a nutshell, I would like to personally thank scientists, businessmen, construction groups and a particularly large and significant number of Greek architects operating domestically and abroad for their unfailing cooperation with our magazine providing interviews and presentations in a context of quality and innovation, contributing thus to ILI & KTIRIO editions.

Dear associates and customers, with your presence and your active participation in our publications.


you take part in the developments

rendering communication into ILI (matter)!




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