Softmood: design με απαλή διάθεση

Finishes, cutting-edge functionalities and sophisticated details are the features of Ideal Standard’s new Softmood complete bath products collection. Every element in this extensive range of porcelain, furniture and accessories is designed to make your life easier and offer you the aesthetic luxury you wish for your bathroom.

Distinguished designer Franco Bertoli has created the collection’s ceramic products, offering excellent aesthetic results with smooth, rounded design lines. The collection’s eight dif-ferent washbasins make an excellent match for any bathroom, achieving a balanced and harmonic final result.

The Softmood furniture collection is marked by unmatched style and ergonomic details. Designed by the Artefakt awarded design studio, offer various operating elements providing ease in every move. The furniture’s elegant design, with a great variety of style and sizes, reflect elegance and high aesthetics. The push & pull system allows the furniture’s doors and drawers to open with a single touch and practical separators provide order in their interior. The collection’s mirrors follow the same style, with smooth curves at their edges and futuristic details with LED lighting and antisteam systems.

Make your space even more luxurious with the right chrome finishing accessories.

You can visit the new Ideal Standard’s Softmood collection at the company’s Showroom Centre and purchase it in selected bathroom shops all over Greece.



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