Interview Ria Vogiatzi

The landscape of an artificial sea

Utopia Blu Resort by ELASTIC Architects 

Interview Ria Vogiatzi


LS: How did the water element become the dominant element of the project? What was the most significant challenge?

R.V.: The water element was a key element in the composition of Utopia Blu Resort. The Drosos family had set it up as a prerequisite at the outset in order for us to create a resort that feels like floating in water, like islands float in the ocean. This interaction with the owners triggered the creation of an aquatic composition, which, in combination with Kalymnos stone, fits in the place in a unique way, reflecting the architecture and the sky.

LS: Tell us about the processing of the siding of the building, how privacy of the rooms and emphasis on local materials were achieved?

R.V.: The main elements of the architectural composition were architecture and materials. The rooms were placed along the plot, so that they always have a water view. In this way all rooms have a view and are in direct contact with the main element of the project. In combination with the architecture we chose stone and wood as earthly elements. Kalymnos stone has different shades and textures, giving a noticeable aesthetic effect based on the absolute identification with the existing color palette of the place.The combination of wood with aluminum perfectly fulfilled the requirement to separate the rooms so that there is privacy. At the same time, it became a lasting solution concerning durability.

LS: Special emphasis was placed on shading buildings and outdoors.What were your choices?

R.V.: It is important to plan considering the place and the position of the buildings in relation to the sun. In combination with the architecturally acceptable placement of the buildings, it led us to awnings from aluminum with woodstains in specific dimensions and composition, so that we achieve the aesthetic requirement and durability without the damage that would occur in the case of natural wood. 



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