Architectural  Competition the Conference Center of Astir Palac

Selected Design Study - Architectural Office: Zege architects

The development of the Conference Center of Astir Palace expands at the rich terrain of Vouliagmeni’s peninsula. The aim of the study was to exploit the natural slope and merge the building in its surroundings. As a result the largest part of the building develops underground, incorporating it into the landscape. The natural light penetrates the building unhindered through the central glass view

of the entrance. A bright slit on the roof starts from the entrance and extends along the foyer emphasising the linearity of the space.

The exterior integrates with the interior with the presence of an uncovered patio at the end of the corridor, adding openness and a sense of extroversion to the building. With a capacity of 800 people, modern infrastructure, functional design and three underground parking 9,000 square meters, the conference center further enhances the level of services provided by Astir Palace hotel complex.




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