Poli (morfic) Iko (systems)

Pieris Architects exhibition “Poli (morfic) Iko (systems)

Pieris Architects exhibition “Poli (morfic) Iko (systems): the playground of today is the society of tomorrow”, curated by Fotini Kapiris, took place on the 19.04- 15.05.2013 in the Artwall Gallery in Athens. Highlighting the role of the architect against the economic recession and social decline, they presented a series of drawings and interactive installations which explore in urban scale (City ) and in actual size (House), the creation of playgrounds and play areas are as a means for social reform and upgrading of public and private space. Poli (morphia) explores the establishment of recreational areas as a means for social reform and upgrading of public space in the centre of Athens, while Iko (system) is an installation that transforms a typical living space into a unique playground where the furniture itself radically change shape and use, converting a bookcase into a slide, an armchair into a colorful mill, a dining table into a table tennis table and the seats into a seesaw and musical chairs.




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