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A project by CLEAF

stand-installation by Bestetti Associati

On the occasion of Milan Design Week 2023Cleaf presented Like a bar, a project that aims to emphasize the power of surfaces in defining furniture and interiors without changing the shapes.
The theme of the bar was chosen because it is one of the areas where interior designers are called to experiment with innovative forms and materials to create a memorable experience of hospitality and socialization.

The stand-installation at Salone del Mobile.Milano by Bestetti Associati is a ride on a carousel-bar to discover four moments of the day through four material effects: the morning bar with fabric-effect products, the lunch bar with stone effect products, the aperitivo bar with wood-effect products, the disco bar with metal effect products.

In the set-up of the corporate showroom CCube in Lissone by Audo Architects a total white bar welcomes the visitor, like a white palette to be filled with textures and colours. In the four environments of the CCube, four bars with the same layout in four different material effects highlight the unique feature of the surfaces: the personalization.

For the occasion two new textures were presented:

A series of positive and negative lines with a constant pitch identify Traccia texture. The contrast between the microstructure of the raised parts and the smooth surface of the depressions creates different levels of opacity, enhancing its technical aspect.
Traccia expresses its maximum power in combination with solid colours decorative papers. Combined with wood, metal, fabric and stone effects it provides unexpected accents.

Ceppo texture is characterized by a series of vertical stripes that recall the effect of brushing wood on which there are small pores.
The result is a homogeneous and natural pattern that can be combined with decorative papers in wood essences and solid colours.


Corporate showroom set-up by Audo Architects
Graphic design by Blackspace
Photos by Beppe Brancato








Cleaf | LIKE A BAR



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