The Blender gallery, Glyfada, Choli Erato

The Blender gallery is a new gallery of contemporary art located in Glyfada, Athens. The main objective of the architectural design was to create a contemporary urban exhibition space, which will be able to accommodate not only contemporary art exhibitions, but also events, seminars, workshops and parties.

Dominant element of the architectural design is the patio which is centrally located, while the rest of the spaces of the gallery are set around it and in direct contact with it. The movement of the visitors is developed around the patio and in direct access to it. The large glass doors separating the reception area and the ‘not another art shop’ area to the patio, allow the direct visual contact between these areas and their unification, dissolving the strict boundaries between interior and exterior.

The unfavorable southwesterly orientation of the building played an important role in the architectural composition. The patio with its garden, the planting and the installed metal blinds are key elements of the design, protecting the building, allowing for necessary ventilation, cooling and shading, based on the principles of sustainable design.

The design of the Blender gallery has futuristic but also minimal influences. Folding walls and intensely jagged lines characterize the space. The metallic elements as well as the floor and the walls covered with screed in grey color create an industrial modern atmosphere. The hidden lighting emphasizes the jagged lines creating conceptual escapes and directions in the space which intensify its futuristic identity and dynamic.

The main exhibition space is characterized by the white color in the walls, the floor covered with screed in grey color and the big height of the ceiling. These characteristics give a neutral minimal style, which serves the needs of the exhibition space in the best possible way. Additional white mobile walls can be located accordingly to the space in order to serve the needs of each exhibition.

The furniture was designed in dialogue with the jagged lines and the dynamics of the space constituting it an integral element. The black lacquer and the white pvc that was used matches with the minimal atmosphere of the gallery.




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